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xbox 360 RROD

Just recently my launch day xbox 360 froze whilst playing. Unusual for me but it has happened before so I reset it as usual but to my dismay nothing happened. I tried another reset and was shown the dreaded 3 red lights.

Over the next day I periodically tested the console and either got a blank screen or the red ring of death – damn!

So after doing more tests I finally conceded and contacted Microsoft – well I say contacted, but in reality their online support forms were broken. So not only could I not arrange a repair online, a simple message to them using their contact us form was also impossible – not very impressive at all for a software giant.

In the end I sent an email and would you credit it, that very night I tested the xbox again and it was working. The next morning I once again switched it on and hey presto, it was still working fine. Continue reading

Projects I have been involved with


Websiteclosed was a technology website created in June 2001 and quickly established itself as one of the best known and respected computer modification and review websites on the internet.

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TechTV's Mod Book

"The Screen Savers'" technical specialist, Yoshi DeHerrera, takes you from the basics of setting up your own modding workshop to creating custom machines. Yoshi will teach you how to customize anything from cellphones to gaming systems to computers, making them faster, better machines.

Technical Reviewer