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Fixing insideproject

Spent time this week fixing a few problems that seem to have cropped up over at insideproject – one of the projects I designed and constructed.

The first major problem was that the front page was having an include problem. It seems the web host had been playing with settings again (waves fist in an angry manner) so I’ve created a fix which seems to have solved the problem.

I also had to do a few tweaks to get it working with PHP5 as the forums were not showing any member profiles when clicked.

And finally there were a few more spamming issues that I’ve played with which should further reduce this annoying part of running a community.

Projects I have been involved with


Websiteclosed was a technology website created in June 2001 and quickly established itself as one of the best known and respected computer modification and review websites on the internet.

Web Design Reviewer Coder Admin


TechTV's Mod Book

"The Screen Savers'" technical specialist, Yoshi DeHerrera, takes you from the basics of setting up your own modding workshop to creating custom machines. Yoshi will teach you how to customize anything from cellphones to gaming systems to computers, making them faster, better machines.

Technical Reviewer