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Join The Gurkha Justice Petition

The Gurkha Justice Campaign is fighting for the Gurkhas to have the same terms and conditions as their UK and Commonwealth counterparts.

They have served all across the world in the defence of our Country for nearly 200 years. Over 45,000 died in the two World Wars as part of the British Army but if they retired before 1997 they had no right to live in the UK.

On the 30th September 2008, the High Court ruled their treatment had been unlawful but they still need the government to change the law for justice to prevail.

Please take a minute to visit and sign the official petition so that we can finally right this wrong.

Projects I have been involved with


Websiteclosed was a technology website created in June 2001 and quickly established itself as one of the best known and respected computer modification and review websites on the internet.

Web Design Reviewer Coder Admin


TechTV's Mod Book

"The Screen Savers'" technical specialist, Yoshi DeHerrera, takes you from the basics of setting up your own modding workshop to creating custom machines. Yoshi will teach you how to customize anything from cellphones to gaming systems to computers, making them faster, better machines.

Technical Reviewer