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Don’t you just love waking up and having your daily quick check of your email’s to find that you’ve been inundated with spam overnight?

Well not for me today as I awoke to find my account had 7000+ messages flooding my inbox, all returned undeliverable mail.

I was still getting 300+ messages every automatic send/receive so I quickly logged on to my email server and poked around to alter my settings to stem the flow – which seems to have worked so far.

So, the moral of the story is “make sure your email accounts are setup correctly in the first place”.

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Websiteclosed was a technology website created in June 2001 and quickly established itself as one of the best known and respected computer modification and review websites on the internet.

Web Design Reviewer Coder Admin


TechTV's Mod Book

"The Screen Savers'" technical specialist, Yoshi DeHerrera, takes you from the basics of setting up your own modding workshop to creating custom machines. Yoshi will teach you how to customize anything from cellphones to gaming systems to computers, making them faster, better machines.

Technical Reviewer